How Do You Feel? - Introduction


No matter where we live or what language we speak we can all recognise these emotions:

happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger and surprise...

These are the six facial expressions identified by Charles Darwin that are supposed to be understood the world over.

We thought it would make an interesting project to photograph each ten year old child in 6FK making the six faces above.

We hope this set of pictures (there are 144 of them!) will be useful to everyone in the school. To give you ideas for a play or a dance, perhaps? To set you off on a poem, a piece of creative writing or an artwork? To start a discussion about how you and other people feel and to help sort out any friendship or bullying problems you may have?

The children have been working with a parent in the class Tansy Spinks (whose photography project Real Things is also on the school web site) and the project will be launched in May 04 where you will see the prints at the gallery, Photofusion in Brixton.

We are very grateful to British Telecommunications for funding this project with a BT Citizenship Award.

Tansy Spinks and Flora Kisby, Class Teacher

photos by Tansy Spinks -